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Important News
Dear CCA Members,

In light of the recent slow down in payments we would like to explain what has happened in the markets for a clearer picture.

When CCA started the markets we extremely bullish with money flowing into BTC and Altcoins. Therefore we are able to deliver the generous returns that we did.

In July 2017, Bitcoin uncertainty caused by the potential hardfork of having 2 BTC in the markets was not well received by the markets. It tanked heavily and dropped to a low of USD$1822 at one but we still continued to payout but this resulted in a dip in our reserves for our trading positions and we were not able to rebalance because we are not able to predict how much BTC would dip in such a volatile environment.

Altcoin shift
Altcoins that were thriving in volume and news such at Stratis, Golem, LSK and ETC were dominating the market cap in the beginning part of Q2. However, after Segwit activation was confirmed by the miners the focus diverted to hybrid/POS based coins like NEO, QTUM, OMG and ARK.

Though we recognized this quickly, we had a very difficult decision of cutting the existing positions and shifting to these new high demand POS coins that had the markets attention. We had to do it gradually but we are confident that given the time to recoup our losses we will return to paying out the profits.
Change in Payout/Withdrawal Limit

We will be reducing the payout to once a month to a max cap of $500.

It is only fair that when the trades are profitable, we pay out. But when our positions are in the red we should not be paying because there was no profit to pay out.

In Conclusion
Trading in cryptocurrencies is extremely volatile with 20 to 40% swings in a given day for certain cryptos.

It is high risk

A newsletter will be released on the further development of CCA in the coming days.

We want to further assure you that we are here and all members will be receiving their returns in a timely manner.

CCA Admin

Aug-30-2017 03:52:07 AM
Urgent Notice - Planned Maintenance - We are still here
Dear CCA Members,

We were notified of our system being offline, and stated that our account was suspended. Do not be alarmed, we are still in operation and our system is up and running.

The hosting company had a scheduled maintenance and it temporarily impacted our system. Rest assured we are still around.

CCA Admin

Aug-30-2017 03:36:57 AM
Amazing Growth!
Dear CCA members!


Congratulations to our pioneering members on your first payout and thank you for your belief and participation with

We have also grown 3x times in sign ups and 3x in Active members in less than 24 hours!

Our attractive referral commissions are not to be missed. At 8% per referral and 21% in total it is not wonder members are rushing to build their teams to maximize on it!

Thank you so much for the support so far and we will continue to provide excellent returns on CCA! Let's grow our BTC portfolios!

CCA Admin Team
Mar-14-2017 06:56:15 AM
New Commissions Structure!
Dear CCA Member!

We have extremely exciting news to announce! We will change our commission payout to make it more attractive for members who are interested to build a HUGE team in CCA! 8 levels (Total 21%) maintain but we changed to the following:

Level 1 - 8%! Previously was 7%
Level 2 & 3 - 3%
Level 4 & 5 - 2%
Level 6,7 & 8 - 1%

Let's Get the Ball Rolling People!

CCA Admin Team
Mar-12-2017 03:34:43 AM
No Deposit Fees
Hi CCA members,

We do not charge a deposit fee so please check the amount of BTC before proceeding to deposit. Whatever that needs to be paid ontop is the gas fee charged on the blockchain.

Thank you and have a great day!

CCA Admin

Mar-11-2017 09:29:15 AM
Welcome Capital Crypto Alliance Members!
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Mar-10-2017 11:05:09 AM

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